Ambergriss - Four

Ben C Winn - I Always Wear These Trousers

Simon Tall - September

Dan Scoggins - Near Death Experience

Organ Monkeys - Rise Of The Dotards

Kimberly Moore - 10 Days 9 voice memo songs

Xolele Brethren - Call Me Ishmael

T M Griffiths - All The Windows Are Made Of Wood

Milo - our weather is being engineered

Fit Sister - Fit Sister

Harmonium - The Bright East

Porte Sud - Future Dreams Of An Interplanetary Tomorrow

Martin Scaiff - HomeSounds - One Month Album September 2017 - Binaural

Jacob Solstice - Too Long; Didn't Listen

Morris Masuda - High Ash

Beardy Bollocks - Mountain in my Mind

bigleyspokes - DISMEMBER

Jacob Solstice - Get Cosmik!

PJ Not Duncan - The Complete PJ Not Duncan Volume One

Fresh Flowers - Fresh Flowers